The Fanciful Beauty of Galaxy Cave in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a province attracting a lot of domestic and international tourists because of its various forms of tourism: spiritual tourism, history and culture research, and cave exploration.


Galaxy Cave is located in Son Ha Ward, Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province.


The cave hides itself under Mount Tuong, which belongs to Trang An Mountains. Mount Tuong was considered as the watchtower protecting Hoa Lu Capital under King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Le Dai Hanh’s regimes.


In order to explore Galaxy Cave, you will start from Muong Tho Ha Village, Son Ha Ward, go along a small canal of 1 kilometer which belongs to Ben Dang River. After that, you will walk on a stone road of 500 meters along the foot of Mount Tuong to reach the cave opening.


The cave was just discovered in 2007 because its opening is very small and was covered by trees.


The cave’s length is 700 meters, including a dry cave of 200 meters and a water cave of 500 meters.


Tourists will be overwhelmed by the fanciful and dream-like beauty of stalactites.


Each stalactite has its own name.


That is a fox eating its prey, an elephant is lying in ambush, a tiger is watching its prey, a monkey is climbing tree, the Buddha is sitting, and Monk Xuanzang is praying for his disciples…


You will come down to the boat in order to travel around the winding and deep galaxy of colorfully sparkling stalactites, see Fairy Island, Milk Breast, Dragon Rising from the Fish…, and you will get lost in the wonderland, immerse yourself in the Elysium.


This is why the cave was entitled “Galaxy”.


The Galaxy with numerous colorful stalactites.


The space inside the cave is up to 12,000 meter squares, equivalent to Sung Sot Cave of Ha Long Bay.


The stalactites are diverse and are still forming.


With But Hien Cave next to it, Galaxy Cave is one of the tourist attractions in Ninh Binh.


In its quiet atmosphere, tourists can feel the fresh air there, and listen to the sound of the paddles waving in the water, of the wind blowing through the cave and of water drops falling.


According to American experts, the stalactites of Galaxy Cave are still alive and are developing.


All the caves there still keep their wild beauty, and are homes of thousands of bats. Archaeologists also found vestiges of ancient Viet people, including mollusk shells, pieces of coarse pottery, animal bones, turtle plastrons and tortoiseshells, etc.


The Galaxy Cave is the tourist highlight of cave exploration tourism in Ninh Binh. Let’s explore and immerse ourselves in its beauty.


Author: Kim Kim

Pictures: Bui Truong Chung

Translator: Chia Se Sang Khon



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